Green Escapades

Walk and bike and on horseback, discover real and authentics landscapes…

In our beautiful Normandy....

  • Standard Room
  • Walk, run or by bike 14 loops along the valley of Avre from 3 to 24 km
  • Horse of a time walk in nature with strong horses from the ferme du Genetay, or Le Haras de la Férandière  (The helmets, and equipment are provided and free of charge)
  • Welcome Tray: Damman tea, Herbal Tea, coffee market fair
  • Personalized welcome
  • Lunch or dinner based « A la carte » for a large choice or a 5 courses menu by our chef and his team
  • Aluminium bikes free for 14 tracks from 3 to 24 KM
  • Organic breakfast served in your bedroom or in the breakfast room